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About Us

At Rosey Skye, we believe in creating positive change through meaningful jewelry design that celebrates the beauty of the California Coast. With intentional goodwill toward others and the earth, we strive to sustain a bright future for our generation and the generations to come.


Our art nouveau collection of coastal and garden-inspired pieces incorporate recycled pure gold and fair-mined natural gemstones. We celebrate the minerals of the earth and maintain a transparent supply chain that lifts artisanal miners around the world.



Our woman-owned business supports fair trade, maintains high ethical standards, and adopts green conservation measures whenever possible.



From St. Petersburg to Paris to San Francisco, our team has traveled extensively studying royal treasuries, visiting prestigious design houses, and building relationships with gem suppliers who source precious and semi-precious stones from Sri Lanka to Montana.


Giving Back

We endeavor to lift small communities and protect our environment. A portion of our proceeds are donated to non-profits dedicated to caring for families in need and restoring our ocean habitats.


Let’s Talk

If you would like to discuss a special order or custom design, please contact us at or call (628) 400-6944. Keep in touch by subscribing to our newsletter or follow us on Instagram or Twitter: @roseyskyesf.