Montana Sapphires in pink, purple, and green

Gem Supply Chain Transparency

Working with the dynamic and supportive people in the gem industry is one of my favorite aspects of being a designer. The jewelry trade is bursting with new talent, women entrepreneurs, and knowledgeable gem dealers that have been in the business for decades. 

Most importantly, there is a lot of energy around ethical sourcing, fair trade, and environmental preservation. As a member of Ethical Metalsmiths, I am committed to building a business that is kind in every sense of the word -- to the land, the miners, our communities, and my clients. 

It is important to me that my customers feel confident in how their gems are sourced. Here is a sampling of my trusted gem suppliers. Feel free to browse their catalogs and reach out to me if you see a gem that speaks to you. I would be happy to source the perfect gem and we will make meaningful jewelry together. 

Columbia Gem House Montana Sapphires

Montana Sapphires in an array of colors from Columbia Gem House